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Self-immolation in front of Kirti monastery - possibly another in Kyegudo

At 27am on March 81, 5-year-old Taphun set himself on fire in front of Kirti police station. Although he was immediately taken away by the police, it is now known that he succumbed to his injuries. Taphun hails from Meruma Village in Ngaba Prefecture. He was known as an outspoken critic of Chinese policy in Tibet.

The 550-year-old Kirti Monastery and the village of the same name were the most frequent scene of self-immolations; about a quarter of the 160 known self-immolations occurred there. From the start of the 12-year series, the monastery has been placed under strict police surveillance. Police units in the city have even been equipped with portable fire extinguishers.

Four days earlier, a Tibetan is said to have set himself on fire. Only his name is known, Tsering Samdup. There is still no evidence to confirm this. He set himself on fire in front of a police station in Kyegudo (also spelled Jyekundo or Gyêgumdo) in Yushu Prefecture, also in eastern Tibet. Details of his whereabouts or condition are not known. He was described as a "very educated person".

Radio Free Asia, March 31 and April 3, 2022 // dr. Uwe Meya

Photo: Kanyak Tsering

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