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Racist statement against Tibetans forces apology

On October 8, a Chinese woman, whose name is given as "Liu," posted a statement on the WeChat network calling for the annihilation of Tibetans in Lhasa and their replacement with Chinese. This angry statement was apparently prompted by Tibetan criticism of the authorities' indifference towards those affected by the drastic zero-Covid measures in Lhasa. Her statement culminated in the remark: 'The government doesn't care? Hey! All Tibetans in Lhasa should be exterminated! All Tibetans should be exterminated – and we Han Chinese should occupy this place!”.

Even the Public Security Bureau apparently went too far. An official statement shortly thereafter said that “on October 8, 2022, inappropriate statements undermining national unity [were posted] in our city [and] reposted on social media platforms. After our office launched an investigation, the editor of the statements, Liu XX, was identified. At present, our office has been investigating and gathering evidence and will carry out its legal responsibilities in accordance with the law."

Shortly thereafter, a video from "Liu" appeared, in which a blurred woman offered an apology: "I posted something in the (WeChat) group that negatively affects the unity of the nation, and it had a major impact on society. At this point, I would like to offer my deepest apologies to the government and the general public. I won't do anything like that again in the future. I am sorry."

Two things are noteworthy: neither the authorities nor the alleged author describe the statement as "racist"; it simply means that it is "inappropriate". And the apology is not made directly to those affected, but to the “government” and the “general public”.

International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), October 11, 2022 // dr. Uwe Meya

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