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Forced TV: Tibetans must watch live program about party congress and are not allowed to leave the house

In Lhasa, residents were forced to watch full television programs about the week-long Communist Party Congress without leaving their homes. A few days before the start of the party congress, they were instructed by the authorities that one member of each family may buy groceries and other necessary items beforehand. After that, strict checks were made to ensure that no one left the house.

The forced tracking of the programs was also known from other regions of Tibet. In monasteries in Ngaba, Kardze and Golog prefectures in northern and eastern Tibet, now in Sichuan and Qinghai provinces, monks and nuns were ordered to watch the television broadcasts. Two schools are also known in Ngaba Prefecture where students had to watch the entire party conference on television.

Radio Free Asia, 17. October 2022 // dr. Uwe Meya

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