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Petition: Hands off Tibetan DNA

Petition launched by ITN (International Tibet Network). Link here.

China's new attack on Tibet: stealing Tibetan DNA!

China's repressive rule in Tibet has taken a sinister new turn: police are systematically taking DNA samples from Tibetans, including children as young as five.

DNA samples were taken from 1,2 million Tibetans to create a comprehensive genetic database, complementing Beijing's growing surveillance capabilities and giving China unprecedented power to surveil, violate their privacy and persecute Tibetans.

A complicity in the mass theft of Tibetan DNA is Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global company that has secured a number of deals with police forces in occupied Tibet for the supply of DNA kits. The last contract alone was worth $160.000!  

Thermo Fisher claims to be an ethical company. So why is it supporting China in an attempt to subject an entire people to lifelong surveillance and fear? Tell Thermo Fisher to stop profiting from the occupation of Tibet! 

Call on Thermo Fisher CEO Marc Casper to end this deadly deal with China immediately!

Read here the letter from the Tibet Organizations to Thermo Fischer.

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  1. Nyima Dolma Yardong

    We have to stop ccp now before it's too late !!!

  2. morning reader

    This action tops the "Big Brother" of "1984" from George Orwell !

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