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Book: «Globi with the yaks»

As for Globi, friendship is also central to the GSTF. This has resulted in the inspiring cooperation between Globi Verlag and the GSTF for "Globi bei den Yaks".

Exactly on the 40th birthday of the GSTF, the new Globi book (with a foreword and an information section of the GSTF) will be published, which allows young and old children to immerse themselves in the Tibetan culture in an adventurous and yet instructive way on the "roof of the world".

The varied story tells of Globi's adventurous journey in search of a rare medicinal herb for a sick yak baby in Switzerland. The children and readers learn a lot of mysterious, wonderful and amazing things about the "roof of the world". The friendly encounters between the people who help Globi and his companion Tenzin to solve problems on their journey are particularly valuable. And towards the end of his journey, Globi will even meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala.

The Globi book is now available.

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A book costs CHF 25.90 plus shipping costs.

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Society Swiss-Tibetan Friendship GSTF, Binzstrasse 15, 8045 Zurich.

Image: ©Orell Füssli AG, Globi Verlag Imprint Orell Füssli Verlag, Zurich

Title: Globi with the yaks

Author: Daniel Frick (Illustrator), Boni Koller

ISBN 978-3-85703-481-7 Auflage

1. Edition Quantity

Binding: bound

Dimensions: 17.5 x 24.0 cm

Number of pages: 100 pages

Release date: February 28, 2023

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