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Show the flag for Tibet on March 10, 2023!

It's that time again on March 10th and everyone is invited to take a stand for human rights and freedom by showing your solidarity with Tibet! We look forward to many waving Tibetan flags tomorrow!

Here you will find more information and downloads for the flag campaign.

A rally will take place in Zurich, organized by the Tibetan community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (program below), our GSTF section Zurich will hold an information stand in Winterthur at the Stadthaus (10 a.m. - 17 p.m.) and in Zurich at the Bahnhofbrücke/Neumühlequai, Brückenkopf (direction Central) from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

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Program for the 64th Tibetan National Uprising rally:

Venue: Zurich

Time: 13:00 p.m. to 15:00 p.m

Date: Friday 10 March 2023

Time program

13.00 pm Meet in front of the Stadthaus complex, tram Bürkliplatz, 8001 Zurich
13.05 pmSinging of the Tibetan National Anthem and a minute's silence to honor and commemorate our martyrs.
13.10 pmSinging the uprising song "Mimang-Lang-lu"
13.15 pmWelcome speech by the representative of the President TGSL
13.20 pmReading of the joint declaration of the Swiss Parliamentary Group for Tibet by Bettina Eckert, Managing Director of the GSTF (since the session of the Swiss Parliament is still ongoing, you cannot take part in the demonstration).
13.30 pmSpeech by Mr. Thomas Büchli, President STFA/GSTF.
13.35 pmSpeech by the President or Representative, TYAE/VTJE
13.40 pmSpeech by Ms. Pasang Dolma, Vice President TWAS/TFOS
13.45 pmStreet march and slogans from Stadthausanlage (near Bürkliplatz) - Stadthausquai - Münsterbrücke - Limmatquai - Rudolf Brun Bridge - Bahnhofquai underpass - Platzpromenade.
shouting slogans
14.35 pmArrive at the square promenade (in front of the entrance to the complex).
shouting slogans
14.40 pmThank you letter from TCSL representative
14.45 pmPrayers for the Long Life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Dentsik Monlam & prayers for our martyrs and all people suffering under CCP rule.
15 pmend of the program

Here you will find the program in Tibetan and English.

In addition, the event “Europe stands with Tibet” will take place in Rome.

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