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Statement of the GSTF on the video from "Voice of America News"


Regarding the Dalai Lama's controversial behavior, as disseminated in the Voice of America News video, we make the following statement:

The Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Society (GSTF) firmly rejects words or actions - by any person whatsoever - which contain inappropriate or inappropriate allusions, and regardless of whether they are "jokingly" or meant seriously.

The Dalai Lama has apologized explicitly for his behavior, including to the boy concerned and his family.

The Dalai Lama is known to be a very jovial personality, with a history of actions that have occasionally been interpreted by the public as inappropriate and disrespectful. His public apology demonstrates that he recognized that his action was overstepping the bounds and possibly harming the boy and his family.

He has always urged believers to question their spiritual teachers, including himself, to demand answers to their questions, and only then to make decisions.

What sets him apart from many other world-renowned personalities is that he neither claims "absolute truth" nor "infallibility" for himself, nor does he hide from criticism of him.

We remain focused on the just and supportive aspirations of the Tibetan people for respect for human rights in Tibet and a political settlement of their claim to a homeland in a free, self-determined and independent Tibet.

On behalf of the GSTF

Thomas Büchli and Lhawang Ngorkhangsar

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