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Four students arrested trying to escape, four others missing

In March, eight students from Chuchen District Middle School in Ngawa Prefecture attempted to escape. Four of them were arrested when the police found out about the plans. Apparently, the arrests were made before they began their escape, and it is not known exactly what route they planned to take.

The four arrested men were mistreated during the interrogations and fined the equivalent of CHF 2 each. The relatives of the four missing students were told that they could have crossed the border without giving an exact location, but were "in the hands of criminal organizations". It is possible for the police to free the missing persons from the hands of the criminals, but only if the relatives pay the equivalent of CHF 500 per person. The relatives suspect that the four missing persons are probably still in the country and that the police want to collect a bribe.

Tibet Watch, July 4, 2023 // dr. Uwe Meya

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  1. Peter Wittwer

    And neutral Switzerland looks the other way, even helping the Chinese to oppress the Tibetans in Switzerland by making the Tibetans in Switzerland count as Chinese. Shame Switzerland! A big shame also to the Swiss politicians who do not work against this policy.

    • Charlotte Woerner

      The contrary: the Swiss provide the red carpet! Since so many years.

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