Thanks to the private initiative of many Swiss people and the consent of the Swiss government, around 1960 Tibetans have found a second home in Switzerland since 8000. It is one of the largest exile Tibetan communities outside the Indian subcontinent.

In order to support the non-violent movement of the Tibetan people and their Buddhist culture, the Swiss-Tibetan Friendship GSTF was founded in April 1983.

The GSTF is today the largest Swiss non-governmental organization for Tibet and has around 1600 members. It is divided into seven sections, headed by the board elected by the members. The office supports the board and the sections in the various fields of activity and ensures that the GSTF can work efficiently, directly and uncomplicated for the cause of Tibet.

The Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Society GSTF is committed to the preservation of Tibetan culture. That's why she wants to

  • inform the Swiss public about the situation in Tibet
  • support the non-violent aspirations of the exiled Tibetans for the cause of Tibet
  • to work with other groups interested in Tibet
  • be a forum for encounters and discussions between Swiss and Tibetans
  • create favorable framework conditions for the cultivation of Tibetan culture in Switzerland
  • provide social assistance and support for Tibetans