The Tibetan flag

What are rays, sun, lions on the Tibetan flag?

Today's Tibetan flag was created under the 13th Dalai Lama (1876-1933)

Your symbols:

Golden border

The golden border on the three sides (left, top, bottom) stands for the dissemination of the ideals of the Buddhist doctrine.


The twelve red or blue rays symbolize the twelve ancient tribes of Tibet that have emerged from the six original tribes. The red and blue color indicates the two tutelary deities of Tibet (Palden Lhamo and Chamsi)

White mountain

The white mountain is a symbol of the snow-capped Tibet.


The rising sun of freedom means well-being and happiness for the land.

snow lion

The two mythical snow lions represent the power of secular and spiritual rule.

Flaming jewels

The three flaming jewels (norbu) in the lions' paws stand for the veneration of the so-called "three jewels", that is, Buddhas, his teachings and the community of his followers.

Round jewel

The bottom, round jewel urges Tibetans to uphold the law.

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