To become active

Also you can become active directly for Tibet. Show your solidarity with the peaceful aspirations of the Tibetan people and support us in our work. The great dedication of committed people allows the GSTF to work for the Tibetan population since 1983.

Support our commitment to the respect of human rights, the preservation of the cultural and religious traditions of the Tibetan people and the natural beauties of Tibet:

With a donation
With their Donation sustainably support the work of GSTF.

As a member
Will you member and be part of the Tibetan movement. As a member of the GSTF you will receive regular information about our work and the situation in Tibet as well as the quarterly magazine tibetfocus.

With a voluntary commitment
Become part of the GSTF helper network and help with events or information events of the GSTF. Inform yourself at one Section near you or the Office.

On own initiative
Your vote counts! Become active by yourself Urgent Actions or Petitionen sign, write letters to the editor or write comments or send letters to politicians.

To give pleasure
Make yourself or another person with an article from ours Online Store a joy.