Lamtön - commitment to Tibetan refugees

Around 300 Tibetan refugees live in Switzerland with a negative asylum decision as so-called Sans-Papiers. Commitment to them is an urgent need for humanitarian and Buddhist reasons. It is therefore an important concern of the STFA board that a growing number of members of the STFA and other Tibet organizations are committed to the accompaniment and integration of Tibetan refugees. He is pleased that this activity is carried out in close cooperation with the Tibetan Women's Organization in Switzerland (TWOS), with Shenpen (contact point for Tibetans by Tibetans), the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe (TYAE) and the Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein (TCSL ) happens. Contact with Swiss refugee organizations, especially the Sans-Papiers-Offices, is also very helpful.

Karin Gaiser, Dewang Pema and Lhawang Ngorkhangsar, those responsible for the Lamtön area of ​​the GSTF, will be happy to provide further information.

Karin Gaiser                                                                                                                                             karin.gaiser (at)                                                                                                                                         

Lhawang Ngorkhangsar
Vice President
lhawang.ngorkhangsar (at)

All activities of the STFA in the asylum area are called "Lamtön" (Tibetan for "signpost"). Help us help. Your donations for Lamtön will be used in full for the benefit of the Tibetan asylum seekers and will be supported by reports in our association magazine tibetfocus and in the annual report.


The Lamtön commitment offers the excellent opportunity to simultaneously pursue different goals that are all important to the STFA:

  1. First and foremost is the support of Tibetan refugees, especially the rejected and, among them, the UMAs (Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers).
  2. A commitment that gives satisfaction. See Dalai Lama: Only Karuna (committed compassion) makes you happy. The aim is mutual giving and taking. There is much to learn from the refugees, especially their often very impressive handling of this difficult life situation.
  3. Joint action enables and deepens encounters between Swiss and Tibetans, which is a particularly important concern for the STFA according to the statutes.
  4. The Lamtön commitment promotes cooperation between local Tibetan and Swiss organizations and German-speaking Switzerland, which, among other things, increases STFA awareness.
  5. Since there is a high willingness to volunteer for refugees, the Lamtön commitment offers the opportunity to make new friends

Lamtön goals as a pdf file


Project "Sponsorship for denied Tibetan refugees"