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The GSTF club magazine "tibetfocus" is published quarterly with a circulation of 2400 copies. The main topics as well as the association news and contributions from the GSTF, the Association of Tibetan Youth in Europe (VTJE), the Tibetan Women's Organization Switzerland (TFOS) and the Tibetfriends ensure exciting and informative reading about Tibet.

Is published under Archive each the penultimate number.
The latest issue is per Subscriptions delivered directly.

Individual numbers can be used in the GSTF-office .

Latest issue «tibetfocus»

Edition tibetfocus magazine: No. 160

  1. On the statement by Dolores Zoé Bertschinger in tibetfocus 151, p. 10:
    Bertschinger's statement on Dr. I warmly welcome Lobsang Yongdan, an excellent Tibetologist. However, I am amazed that Ms. Bertschinger writes that there is no course for Tibetan Studies in Switzerland. There is, of course, the name “Central Asian Studies” at the University of Bern. There you can choose either a focus on Tibetology or Mongolian Studies. The course has existed since 2005. In the past few years we had a number of master's degrees in Central Asian Studies and 6 doctorates in Central Asian Studies with a focus on Tibetology. It would be nice if the readers of tibetfocus learned about the course.
    Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz

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