tibetfocus Culture Prize of the STFA



STFA competition for Tibetan cultural workers

The GSTF is committed to the preservation and cultivation of Tibetan culture. The tibetfocus Culture Award was created in 2013 out of this concern. Tibetans in Europe were encouraged to submit a creative and original contribution related to their homeland Tibet and its culture. It did not matter whether it was a work of art, a short film contribution, a piece of caligraphy, a piece of music, an action, a written work or completely different cultural project - there should be (almost) no limits to the imagination.

In 2023 there will be another Tibetfocus Culture Prize competition! More information here.


2. tibetfocus Cultural Award 2018

Thubten Purang's entry is a bold redesign of the Tibetan flag. The project convinced the jury not only with its originality and originality, but also with its attention to detail and extensive background research. Having already won third place at the first Culture Award five years ago, Thubten Purang naturally hoped to get one of the top ranks this time as well. However, he did not expect to win first place, which made his joy all the greater. Interview with «tibetfocus» He talks about his new flag after the award ceremony and explains where the snow lion replaced by the yak can now be found.

Winner contribution Culture Prize 2018: project description Thubten Purang


1. tibetfocus Cultural Award 2013

On 23 November 2013, the award ceremony of the tibetfocus Culture Prize took place for the first time. The competition for the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture in Switzerland and Europe was successful. 15 entries were submitted. Of these, 3 were awarded prizes. Karma Emchi and Lobsang Reichlin won the main prize with their humorous and well-directed rap on the Tibetan alphabet. Tenzin Wangmo Drongshar Frapolli took second place with her collection of fairy tales from the Ro-Dung tradition and Thubten Purang came third with his work depicting the Tibetan script in a visual language.

Winning contribution Culture Prize 2013: Rap to the Tibetan Alphabet (Karma Emchi / Lobsang Reichlin)